Accueil Nouvelles Philips Hue Play and Signe headline Signify’s IFA 2018 line-up

Philips Hue Play and Signe headline Signify’s IFA 2018 line-up

Philips Hue Play and Signe headline Signify’s IFA 2018 line-up

Ambient light is the order of the day from a slew of new Hue devices


It’s looking like being a busy IFA 2018 for Signify – the new company name for everything Philips Hue.

Headlining a raft of new smart lighting solutions from the Dutch company is the awesome looking Hue Play and Hue Signe duo – lights that are designed to create an ambient mood for your home, rather than just lighting the way.

Starting with the Play (pictured below) and it’s essentially a light-bar that projects a shade of one of Hue’s 16 million colours onto your wall – with the device itself able to operate in both portrait and landscape; while sitting freely on a surface or mounted to a wall.


The Signe (main image, above) is a lot slicker looking than its fellow new arrival – with a lightsaber-esque design – that comes in both table-top and floor-stand models. Like the Play, it’s probably best put around a TV / monitor – or next to some furniture you want to add some mood lighting too.

Now, Hue being Hue, you can group these lights within the Hue app, alter the colours and shades, have them tap into security features, party modes and a whole host more (all controllable by the usual voice assistant suspects too, of course) but it’s clear that what Philips – sorry, Signify – has in mind for its new toys is the new Hue Sync app – a smart syncing light platform that puts the finishing touches to your movie night.

Hue Sync lets you use your multicolour Hue bulbs to create lighting effects to match the colours and activity of what’s being shown on a TV screen and both Hue Play and Hue Signe are perfectly designed for this. If you want to find out more, check our our guide to Hue Sync.

Back to the new arrivals and Hue Play costs $69.95 and is on sale now, coming in black or white. Hue Signe is $169.99 for the table version, $100 more if you want the bigger, floor-based, version – but you’ll have to wait until next month for that.

Also announced by Signify ahead of the big Berlin expo that kicks off next week is a range of new smart pendants and panels – with names such as Ensis, Sana and Liane blowing our minds – and that Outdoor Lightstrip that’s been rumoured has also been confirmed too, as has the Adore bathroom light.